Parrot Food: Getting the Right Food for Them

Generally bird food can be found in any pet store or departmental store. Nowadays you can even find them in canned form, besides the traditional scale-based selling. Ranging from Niger seed to peanuts to black sunflower seeds and hemp to sunflower hearts to british finch, and many more, there so many different types of bird food in the market, depending on the different type of bird you have.

Parrot food is something not so rare after all, for parrot is indeed one of the most favored birds when it comes to pets. Basically feeding a parrot it not something very easy to do, for you need to do it the right way, or else your parrot would suffer from malnutrition.

Making Sure to get a Correct Mixture of Nutrients

Parrots are very sensitive animals when it comes to food. They can't just eat crackers all the time, simply because the crackers do not contain anything much compared to good parrot food sold specially for these special animals. You need to be creative when you are preparing their food, to make sure that a disciplined diet is provided.

Basically the most essential parrot food diet must have fruits, vegetables, meat and grains. Include foods such as leafy greens, stems, flowers, flower vegetables, and fruits of flowering vegetables, for these can be a very good source of parrot food. The best part about parrots is that, unlike other birds, they can eat whatever healthy food that we eat, as long as the food does not cause allergy and sensitivity problems. Also make sure the food contains the correct amount of cholesterol and calorie reading.

Feeding Them Modestly is Important

Parrot food should not be provided more than what the bird eats, because it would be left over just like that, and if you do not see it in time, it may create health problems around the cage. A modest parrot food would be in small portions and in proper amount. For this reason, when you feed the bird for the first time, you have to determine the amount of the food taken by the bird and left over. This is a way to counter obesity among parrots, which is something common these days with the coming of bird food containing too much of fat and so on.

You should also make sure to avoid foods such as chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, kidney beans, lima beans and avocados, because these foods are specifically very dangerous to parrots.