Popular Pet Parrot Breeds

The term "parrot" includes many birds and several general breeds from the large macaws and cockatoos to the small parakeets and budgies. While parrots are known for their bright colors, some parrot breeds are all white or mostly grey. Many of the larger parrot breeds live for a long time - some from 50 to 80 years.

The smaller birds may only live for the average pet life span. Some parrot breeds are quite exotic with very specific needs, while others are completely domesticated with needs easily met by your local pet store. Before you decide on a type of parrot to take into your home and heart, you should learn all you can about the parrot breeds that make the best pets.

Familiar Breeds

A parrot quality that attracts owners is their ability to mimic human speech. Naturally, some parrot breeds are better talkers than others. Often, it is the aggressive breeds or the aggressive individuals within breeds that will talk the best. Like humans, the shy ones tend to be quiet. It becomes a tossup between having a good talker and having a playful pet. African Grey Congos are among the best talkers. Not as colorful as some other parrot breeds, they are light grey with bright red tails.

Besides picking up words and phrases easily, they are intelligent enough to connect objects with words. Don't be surprised if your African Grey learns to call the dog by name. This breed may only bond with one person in the household and disregard the rest of the family. Among the friendlier parrot breeds is the Blue and Gold Macaw.

They are more brightly colored than the Greys, talk well and are playful and active. The larger Greenwing Macaw is gentle, good talkers and is less active than their Blue and Gold cousins. They are red, green and blue.

Cockatoos are parrots too. The Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo makes a good pet. They are white with yellow crests and cheeks. They are good talkers, sweet and active. Smaller than other cockatoos, they just love getting attention. The Umbrella Cockatoos are larger and more demanding.

White with yellow under the wings, they tend to scream for attention and enjoy being kissed and petted. They are good talkers. Among the larger birds is the Molluccan Cockatoo. Instead of white, they are a peachy color. Like the other cockatoos, they love attention and talk well. Among the smaller breeds are parakeets, cockatiels and budgies. The range of parrot breeds is enormous and with a little research, you can find the perfect pet breed for you.