What you Need to Know About the Meyers Parrot

The Meyers Parrot only grows to eight to nine inches in length, but is a real parrot and not a parakeet. It is a popular pet with grey or black hood and wings, aqua blue chest, turquoise back, yellow shoulders and head patch and yellow-green under-parts. There are several subspecies with different coloring mostly affecting the yellow on the crown and wings. The adults have red eyes. Some of the color patches are iridescent. The friendly little Meyers Parrot makes a good addition to almost any household.

Feathery Friend

The Meyers Parrot belongs to the Poicephalus type of parrot and, like the others in that group, isn't a loud parrot. Unlike the screaming parrots, the Meyers Parrot sticks to low whistles, chirps, squeaks and chattering. If its owner takes the time to train it, a Meyers Parrot can learn some words.

They need a roomy cage for playing and some flying. The cage should be at least 20 inches long, 12 inches deep and 18 inches high and the bars should be horizontal so the bird can climb. An assortment of perches in different diameters is appreciated. Toys are great but don't overcrowd the cage. There should be some water to play in. If you have a breeding pair, they will need a breeding box in the bottom of the cage.

As well, you can fix up a play perch on top of the cage for exercise time. They are an especially playful breed with a reputation for being great swingers and danglers. They have the calm nature and sweet personality unknown in many other breeds and are good in homes with children.

The Meyers Parrot can eat the normal seed mixture for parrots with some fresh food like cucumber, dandelion greens, corn, carrots and other vegetables safe for birds. Fruits include apples, bananas and most fresh fruits. Vitamins with iodine can help guard against thyroid problems. The Meyers Parrot likes to socialize with his human housemates and quickly becomes a beloved addition.

The Meyers Parrot has been imported in enormous numbers and may be the second most bred parrot next to the Senegal. The Meyers Parrot is a naturally neat bird and is easy to care for. It is a natural for apartment dwellers since they do not screech like other parrots. While they are not great talkers either, they do have a sweet, musical call. As beautiful and affectionate as any other type of parrot, the Meyers Parrot is superior in the area of sweet nature.