Macaw Parrot: A Large Beautiful and Worthy Investment

Pet lovers like to rear birds which are disciplined and independent. And when it comes to parrots, this expectation is much higher as these birds are naturally intelligent. For those who want a parrot and can give a great deal of discipline in turn, as well as a highly structured and busy lifestyle to the bird, you may go for the macaw parrot. A common macaw parrot needs all of these to grow into a well adjusted pet.

Macaw parrots have always been associated with tropical parrots, for these birds generally come from warm temperature areas around the tropical zone, such as Mexico, Central and South America, Java and Sulawesi Islands, Australasia, and so on. As well, a macaw parrot is commonly big in size, and it needs a large cage as well as owners who have much time to spend on them.

Keeping Macaws as Pets

Generally there are many different types of macaws. They have been classified into six of the many parrot species; Ara, Anodorhynchus, Cyanopsitta, Propyrrhura, Orthopsittaca, and Diopsittaca.

Some of the most famous in the America that are being taken as pets would include the ones in blue and gold, hyacinth, scarlet, green wing and military. It takes a great deal to have a macaw parrot as a pet, as the species naturally grew in wild environment and it takes time for the bird to adapt with human lifestyle. The bird needs proper raising and training, an issue much contemplated when it comes to macaws usually.

Most of the macaws come in seasonal basis, so when one wants to order a specific macaw parrot of his liking, the order needs to be done at least several months before it is delivered to your house. You can buy these birds both from bird shops as well as on the internet. They are usually shipped when they are babies, because a macaw parrot may get traumatized by surroundings if it knows too much of the nature and has grown big.

Macaw parrots eat nuts and fruit. They also nibble on various objects. When it comes to food, this bird does not pose much problem, and in fact it can also eat healthy food that we eat commonly, such as grains and fruits.

Since this macaw parrot has been categorized as an endangered species in many countries, you basically need to contact a licensed trader of this bird authorized by the government at times. You can not deal with the exporter directly as this may lead to many problems, although this method is commonly practiced in the eastern countries.