The African Grey Parrot - The Most Popular Bird Pet Today

It is very easy why people love the grey parrot as a pet. They are very docile; do not bite unless provoked very hard. They are trainable as you would train a dog, speak with politely and are wonderful mimics. They can entertain hours together without any interference or mischief.

The Grey Parrot as a Pet - Some Advice

First of all, keep in mind that the grey parrot is on the endangered list in USA. Though they make excellent pets, are beautiful and available in S Africa and many other countries, sold as pets. The traffic is not very heavy now, but it is enough to be able to get rid of all the grey parrots in the very near future if care is not taken to check the bird trafficking.

The grey parrot will tend to bond with their owners fully and will not eat if the person is absent; they are very loving, they interact with intelligence and though mentioned at the last but not the least they speak like another human being. This is what makes the grey parrot so special and this why the market has so much demand for it.

You will need to have a large cage made for them because they are large birds and they need all the space they need. You can also keep them in the open - unless you have a cat or you see kites or any other bird from the families of birds. The African grey parrot will not fly away once he/she bonded away.

These parrots like light and hence try to locate in such a place where at twice a day some sun falls upon it. They need sun, light and company - not necessarily in this order. In case your parrot is not happy - you will notice that it is removing its own feathers and can go on till it literally becomes totally plucked. This it is believed, to indicate that the parrot is not happy.

If you find your gray to be sad - take it immediately to the vet. The grays suffer from depression most often - and when they do so, it is better to take them immediately to the doctor (vet). He will medicate the grey as soon as possible so no damage done yet. Do not wait till the third or fourth day, you will not recognize your parrot would be almost totally "clean shaved" appearance.