Looking for the Perfect Parrot Pet? Consider Purchasing a Green Parrot

With all the exotic parrot types in existence, it is no wonder that the task of finding a suitable parrot pet can be quite daunting. However, if one is looking for a type of parrot that is both beautiful and intelligent, one should look into buying a green parrot.

The Amazon Parrot: A Beautiful Species of Green Parrot

Some people think that a green parrot is a species within itself. This is an understandable misconception, but really a green parrot means simply that green is the primary color of the parrot. While there are several types of green parrots, the Amazon parrot is perhaps the most popular.

Amazon parrots are one of the larger breeds of green parrots, and generally grow to be at least a foot long. These parrots are also much beloved for their intelligence, and can live for upwards of 50 years. It is estimated that their mental maturity reaches that of a two-year-old human child.

Personality-wise, Amazon parrots are generally very devoted and surprisingly affectionate. However, it is important to note that during mating season males can get particularly aggressive. Also, Amazon parrots require lots of attention, and have been likened to dogs in this instance.

Actually, Amazon parrots require even more attention than other domesticated pets like dogs, because while dogs often find ways to amuse themselves, these green parrots need frequent mental stimulation to avoid being bored. A bored parrot often becomes destructive to itself and to its surroundings.

In the wild, Amazons nest in trees, so it is important to recognize that they have a strong urge to chew on wood. Thus, it is important for owners to provide their Amazons with a piece of wood or a toy that can be ripped apart to calm the aggression.

A toy that Amazons find particularly interesting is a ball, which they sometimes juggle from foot to foot as they lay on their backs. Amazons also like rope to both chew and swing off of.

When it comes to talking, Amazons do not talk as well as African Grey parrots. However, they are capable of learning several words or phrases, and as such can be quite a source of fun for their owners.

The price of an Amazon green parrot varies according to whether it was purchased from a breeder or a pet store. For those looking for a rough estimate of how much this parrot will cost, it can go very several hundred to around a thousand dollars. Indeed, if a person has the proper funds and a lot of patience, they will be rewarded with an exotic friend for many years.