The Eclectus Parrot: Beauty and Intelligence

For those who love parrots, it is always a goal of theirs to acquire a parrot with especially vibrant, exotic coloring. Such birds are not always easy to find, but when they are able to be purchased as a pet, they can be quite a conversation piece. If one is looking for a parrot with intelligence and vibrancy, one should look into purchasing an eclectus parrot.

All About the Eclectus Parrot

The Eclectus parrot's origins stem from Australia, the Solomon Islands, the Moluccas, and New Guinea. What makes the Eclectus parrot quite unique in the parrot family is that the males are easily distinguishable from the females. Usually parrots can only be sexed through a blood sample, but for the Eclectus parrot the males are bright green with wings and tails either blue or red. The females, in comparison, are blue-breasted and have red heads.

The coloring between the males and females are sometimes viewed as a generalization strictly for those Eclectus parrots that are domesticated. This is because ornithologists tend to think that in the wild there are several subspecies of this parrot, and each subspecies varies according to size and color in accordance with habitat differences.

When it comes to feeding the Eclectus parrot, it is important to note that their digestive system is longer than those of other parrots. As such, it is recommended that owners avoid feeding them things like pellets, pastas, and other foods that are fortified. Foods that this kind of parrot can eat include lots of different fruits, nuts, and seeds. These parrots favor pomegranates, which can be used as a nice treat. Domesticated parrots of this breed should not be fed parsley, walnuts, chocolate, or avocados.

Eclectus parrots talk quite well, and are known for mimicking various sounds and words that they hear as soon as they are weaned. Common words and sounds that they mimic include words like "hi," and the sound of alarm clocks. These parrots are also able to speak phrases, but such training requires a lot of patience.

The price of an Eclectus parrot varies according to many different factors, but they can cost well into the several hundred dollar price range. Thus, when looking to purchase one of these beautiful parrots, the proper research is essential, and once that has been successfully accomplished, the owner will then be rewarded with years of companionship.