A Blue Parrot for Your House: Why it can be a Good Idea

Everybody loves parrots; and that is a fact, and many people wish to have these exotic birds as their pets, but not many people specifically know what type of parrot they should have in their house according to their environment and so on. For the past one century or so, regardless of color or species, the popularity of parrots has in fact increased in a rapid speed.

There are many types of parrots, but the blue parrot is among the favorite ones. This parrot has indeed had grown into much preferences by people over the years. As we know, the color of the bird is one of the preference in which people buy based on, and when it comes to this color, blue is among their favorite.

Why Choose a Blue Parrot?

A blue parrot, just like any other parrot types, is very entertaining, loyal, and fun loving. To identify one is very easy; it basically has shades of blue in their feathers, eyes, or beaks. The main reason why parrots of this color are very much into the liking of people, especially beginners, is that they look lovely as they grow older and bigger.

Blue as we know represents calmness and peace. In the presence of variants in shades, blue is then associated with many other human elements such as tranquility, relaxation, peace, harmony as well as cleanliness, loyalty and depression.

How you can get one

Among the most famous blue parrot types would be the Quaker parrots and the blue macaw. The former is very rare in the market, and is very expensive due to that. On the other hand, the latter is very famous for being shy, talkative, and social. This parrot is also pretty much rare nowadays, and they are believed to be extinct in many countries, while some others list this blue parrot under endangered species.

Generally a baby parrot costs around $400 to $600, depending on the different species. On the other hand, some of the blue parrot types are sold in pairs, due to their beautiful genetic combination which can produce beautiful blue parrot babies, which are high in demand. One of such birds would be the Quaker parrot.

The best way to buy a blue parrot is to look through books of parrots, which are comprehensive and up to date, for more and more species of birds are found everyday, and you would not want to miss a beautiful bird species as you pet, just because the bird was found several months ago and your book is more than a year's old.