Why an African Parrot Makes a Great Pet

From time immemorial, the African parrot has been considered as a hot favorite the world over as a pet. Initially these parrots were caught in the African forests; but then after the species had dwindled to a handful of the birds, ingenious people in Africa started their business rearing them like we would the sheep, specifically for selling to people from all over the world.

The African Parrot is a Universally Adaptable Pet

There is no place in the world, where an African parrot will not fit in. However, in homes where there are two many cats, children and too much open space, the African parrot will most likely not be a good choice both for their own safety and that of the children. The African parrot is also well known for their life-long bonding and this is by itself a wonderful trait that this bird has shown.

The African parrot is a very handsome bird - they are predominantly gray. They have lovely white circles around their eyes and have a wonderfully designed very long maroon feathers in their tail. There are two man species of the African parrot, for example that of the Congo and the Timneh which is a smaller type of our parrot.

For knowing the sex of the parrot you will need to develop a very keen sense of observation. The males are larger, they have round eyes and the white patches are quite large too; the females on the other hand are tiny, have elliptical eyes and her whites around the eyes are quite smaller than that of he male.

The best part of having a parrot as a pet is that you will have a pet for life. Since the African parrot has a life span of 60-65 years - this is as good as that of a human being. No more tears after the pet died, no more missing it so sorely after it dies. Since it can live 65 years max - there are some spices that when added to the tea will make them stronger and younger at heart.

For all the plus points, these good pets will usually come at the cost of about $500-1000. Now, if you are interested, you could push the bargain for a discount. However, it is rare that this bird is found free. You may like to visit the pet markets of Africa when you are a in the vicinity next time - you might end with a friend and companion for life - an African parrot.