African Grey Parrot Breeders: Find One Near You

So you've decided to get a parrot but you don't know which kind to get. If you want a parrot that's both intelligent, beautiful to look at and will last a long time, then maybe you should consider buying an African Grey Parrot. African Grey Parrots are considered some of the most intelligent of all parrots and they make great pets. They are not cheap, however, and some African Grey Parrot Breeders can charge more than a thousand dollars for a single parrot. The investment is well worth it, however, as an African Grey Parrot is a great choice as a new pet.

To find African Grey Parrot breeders near you, do an internet search. The parrots you buy at the pet store can come from breeders so you may want to start there. If you're not sure about the parrots they sell at the store, ask the shopkeeper if he or she knows of any African Grey Parrot breeders in the area. If there aren't any in your area, you may need to do a little traveling. It all depends on how bad you want an African Grey Parrot.

Very Compatible With Humans

Many African Grey Parrot breeders hand rear the parrots to make them especially compatible with humans. This makes them great companions. However, it should be noted that small children and African Greys may not be so compatible. Ask the African Grey Parrot breeder that you got your parrot from if your particular parrot is good around children. If you have a child and you're not sure, then you should be especially careful whenever your young one goes near the parrot's cage. You don't want your child getting bit. Parrots make great pets but, as any wild animal, they can be unpredictable.

Your African Grey Parrot breeder will probably tell you that you should get ready for a huge commitment. African Grey Parrots require a lot of attention. They aren't the type of birds that like to be kept in a cage in the corner of the room only to be left alone. They love to commingle with humans and many people, especially African Grey Parrot breeders, say that African Greys can associate some human words with meanings. This makes them very entertaining. Just be careful what you say around your parrot. You don't want your parrot cussing out your mother in law whenever she visits. Or, maybe you do.

Search for an African Grey Parrot breeder near you to get your hands on one of these wonderful birds. You'll be glad you did when you finally get the parrot home and realize that it has quickly become one of the family.