Discovering The Vocal World Of Parrots

Parrots are among the most popular types of bird on the planet. They are really remarkable animals and many people love them for their colourful association to the world of pirates and, of course, the notion that parrots are so vocal. With a little bit more information, we can learn to further understand the world of our feathery friends and how communication is the real law of the jungle for many a bird. There are plenty of fascinating characteristics about the birds that many people are probably not aware of and exploring the facts about these incredible animals can be quite exciting for true nature lovers around the world.

Parrots are among the most popular birds to keep for pets in the world, but most pet owners are unaware that there are actually over 335 species of these birds in the world. They are grouped into two families: the cockatoo and the true parrot. The term "parrot" is used for grouping the entire family and is often also used for simply grouping the true parrot group while cockatoo is used for that group. Regardless of the terminology, there is no questioning the vast variety of these colourful and exciting birds. It is no wonder the public has had a love affair with parrots for many years. They are found in most warm parts of the world, such as India and Southeast Asia.

Learning More

The sale of all wild caught parrots as pets is now illegal in most countries because of the extinction rate of several species of these wonderful birds. The Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species has published a report that states that several species of these birds are, indeed, endangered which prompted governing bodies around the world to outlaw the sale of many species of birds and all species of parrots that were caught in the wild for sale. Parrots are kept as pets and domesticated in many countries, however, with the macaw and the Amazon species being among the most popular for house pet birds.

The parakeet is another popular version of the bird that is kept in households. There are many stories of legends involving the parakeet and other versions of the bird, including one tale of a woman in London that apparently owned a parrot that had been alive since the late 1800s. Apparently this bird, still alive today, had been a pet of Winston Churchill and was a threat to the sanity of Adolf Hitler. The legendary status of these remarkable birds is only prompted further exposure by stories like this one that hold us captive to the fascinating nature of the parrot.