There's a Paintball Game for Everyone

To the novice or person unfamiliar with the game, paintball might seem like just a bunch of wannabe soldiers running through the woods and shooting at each other. However, like most games that may look chaotic until you understand the rules and objectives, paintball is really an organized sport that requires planning, patience, skill, and teamwork.

There are typically a few different types of paintball games that are commonly played, including "scenario" and "speedball." In the scenario type of game, players go through a certain setup with a defined objective. For example, it may be a game that recreates a famous battle in history, with the objective being to capture a certain fortress, represented by a part of the field. Or it may be that "aliens" have invaded and your objective is to overtake them. In these types of paintball games, there is usually someone that has given the scenario a good deal of thought and planning. There are rules that the players must follow, and some of these games last for hours and hours, sometimes even an entire weekend.

When playing a speedball form of paintball, the game moves much faster. Usually there are just two equal teams on opposite sides of the field. The objective is to remove as many of the opposing targets as possible. This type of paintball games still requires quite a bit of skill and teamwork, as many members of one team may work to set up and lure an opposing team member into a trap, and so on. This is not just a free-for-all, melee type of paintball game, even though it is much quicker and with far fewer rules and objectives than other forms paintball.

There are of course other forms of paintball games, and all it depends upon the participants and what they're looking for. There are even paintball tournaments held in various parts of the country, where different organized teams and enter and are awarded medals, trophies, and the like. Most paintball fields allow individual players to enter other players' games if they have the right equipment and are familiar with the rules, so if you're someone interested in getting started with this exciting sport, there's no reason you shouldn't check out the local paintball field or arena. Most enthusiasts are happy to have new team members and will no doubt welcome you the game eagerly.