What Organic Gardening Supplies Do You Need?

So you are thinking of trying your hand at organic gardening? If so, there are some organic gardening supplies you should know about. Having these organic gardening supplies on hand will make sure that you have a successful garden at the end of the year.

Insect Control

The most important organic gardening supplies you can buy are the supplies that help to control insects. Commercially produced pesticides are some of the most dangerous non-organic items you can place on plants meant for consumption. But insects are a serious problem for your garden, so you need to find the supplies to keep them at bay. There are many organic gardening supplies on the market to keep flies and mosquitoes away from your garden. Fly traps, organic sprays, and mosquito dunks are all great options. Talk to your organic gardening supplier to find out what option is best for you.

Another great way to control harmful insects in your organic garden is through introducing other insects into the environment that will feed on them. Ladybugs are famous for feeding on aphids. Lacewings will eat many harmful insects, including whiteflies, spider mites, and mealy bugs. Praying mantis will eat anything that moves, making them a great scavenger for your garden. You can actually purchase these insects as part of your organic gardening supplies, so you will not have to send your kids out to hunt for helpful bugs for your garden.

Caring for Your Soil Organically

Another important part of organic gardening supplies is the items you will use to treat your soil. This includes fertilizers, emulsion, conditioners, and even earthworms. You can purchase organically based fertilizers that have all the food your plants need, without harmful chemicals that your body does not need. This saves you the time you would spend composting and creating your own fertilizers. Another great soil product is actually a living one: earthworms. Adding earthworms to the soil place natural fertilizers into the soil, and also provide natural aeration. You can purchase earthworms to add to your garden as well.

You will want to test your soil to find out how rich it is, and if it has any non-organic chemicals in it. There are soil test kits on the market that are easy to use, and give excellent results. Testing your soil is a good way to know how your soil preparation should proceed. Finally, consider purchasing fish emulsion to add nutrients to the plants in your garden. Fish emulsion products are particularly helpful in raising organically grown flowers.