Second Life is Definitely a Game of Life

Fans of the ever popular Sims Online have begun taking a second look at the game Second Life. It's similar to the online game Sims fans know, but offers a world of depth that has never even been thought of for an online game. 3D graphics and wild ways to express yourself physically and in the style sense is something that makes Second Life so popular.

Is it Costly?

Depending on whether you play just a little or whether you've decided that you're so committed to the game that you want to buy property will determine whether the game will be costly to you. Yes, it's true that to own your piece of the make believe pie, you must pay for it and with real money. Many people invest countless hours a week on this game, so they feel they have a reason to invest their money as well. Others choose to simply visit their friend's houses and keep their real life stash just as it is…stashed.

No matter how you choose the game, there are many things to experience. Teleporting to pizza contests and house parties as well as auctions are just part of it. There are endless things to spend game money on too. Hairstyles, clothes, furniture for a house and general items are available at virtual stores throughout the Second Life world.

Can I Make Friends?

The question of whether friends can be easily made in Second Life totally depends on the player and their social tendencies. If you're someone who has no problem making small talk or casting a friendly "hello" someone's way, you're bound to have plenty of Second Life experiences made with good friends. On the other hand, if you tend to be shy and wait for others to talk first, you'll probably miss out on making some friendships but there are so many people who play the game of Second Life that you'll probably have a pretty decent social life.

The game is based on just as the name implies, making a Second Life for yourself. It's a place to become someone you normally aren't, but it's important to remember that people can take this game pretty seriously and true natures usually ending up becoming very apparent. Although it's nothing more than a chat room with graphics, the world surrounding you as you play is something that can easily suck you in and make you wonder if you really do have a second life.