RuneScape: An Online Role Playing Game

With people becoming more and more dependent on their computers, it makes sense that more and more people are turning to the internet to find online games to play during their free time. However, the danger of becoming addicted to the myriad of online games out there is a challenge.

Despite such a challenge, people often find themselves becoming bored with the standard online derivation of a popular video game or puzzle. These people crave the ability to be in the games themselves. For people who want more of an interactive feature in their video games, yet also want the option of playing a game independently, then RuneScape is a good choice.

Is RuneScape Really as Interesting as the Other Games Out There?

Although it is true that RuneScape is an online role playing game that has many independent aspects to it (more so than a game like EverQuest), it can be just as engaging. Indeed, the creative process behind RuneScape is quite an interesting one.

The original version of RuneScape was released in 2001, and a second version was released in 2004. RuneScape was created by Jagex Limited, which is a British developer, and the game runs on a Java platform.

RuneScape takes place in the fantasy realm of Gielinor, which is itself divided into three separate kingdoms. The players have to maneuver themselves through these kingdoms by foot, magical teleportation, or vehicular transportation.

Each region that a player travels through has its own set of challenges (such as monsters to defeat). Players can choose to combat other players in some challenges, while other challenges require the player to solve things on their own.

The great thing about RuneScape is that strategies players learned while playing the game can be used for more that one challenge. This results in a game that is less time-consuming, and more about exercising the mental abilities of the players.

It should also be noted that the secondary characters within RuneScape can sometimes be just as much of a threat as other players. The secondary characters in the game can be anywhere from passive to quite aggressive, so a player should always be aware of them at all times.

A limited version of RuneScape can be played online for free, while the more detailed version can be played for a fee. With more than a million players worldwide, it is clear that the strategies of RuneScape make for a great gaming experience.