Online Golf Game: Above Par

For all you know, an online golf game, can satiate your craving for golf when you desperately feel like playing it but cannot because of home, work, or logistics pressures. An online golf game is usually played by a yuppie-aged person, mostly using a computer, or in some cases a video console. These games feature a replica of a famous, real golf course with the sand traps and the small water ponds placed at the exact places. Majority of these games are browser-based and free to play. Online golf is a skill kind of game where you have to select the right club, set the correct angle, and then apply the right amount of force using either the mouse or the keyboard, to hit the ball at the target.

Online Golf Game: Technology

As mentioned earlier, majority of these games are browser-based, in the sense that you do not have to install software on your computer. All you have to do is open the game site and install a small plug-in and play the game. An online golf game is made using Java or Shockwave technology, and chances are that you already have both these plug-ins installed on your system. The upside of these technologies is that they allow the game to be "cached" on your computer and thus place no load on the server hosting the game. These games can range from the very basic types to the highly sophisticated ones with complex graphics; but no matter what, they are fun and great time-killers. Of course, there are CD/DVDs available for both PCs and Video Consoles too, but browser games rule the roost.

Online Golf Game: Gameplay

There are many varieties of online golf games:

1. Single-player game, which an Internet surfer, feeling bored at work or at home, normally plays to kill time.

2. Multiplayer game, where the player has other Internet players pitted against him.

3. Some golf games may feature less than the required 18 holes, a feature which golf purists may criticize. But then these games are ideal if you do not have too much time to spare.

4. There are many golf-variant games such as mini golf games; these are quite popular too.

5. Many gaming websites add a gambling twist to golf games by making an Internet user pay a fee to play the game, and then if he logs in a good score and is ranked high, he stands to win a prize which is most likely to be cash. These games are big time hookers too.

Playing an online golf game is a great way to kill time. Just take care to remember that your golf score can stay below par - but not your productive work hours.