Final Fantasy XI: the Beginning is a Diamond in the Rough

As you may have heard before, it gets lonely at the bottom. Although Final Fantasy XI is considered one of the richest, methodical, and addicting online RPG games available, first beginning your journey in Final Fantasy XI can seem overwhelming, making it hard to keep your head in the game unless you can learn a few basics from the get go. The problem here is that Final Fantasy XI doesn't start off as a walk-through and unless you're lucky enough to find one of their many very in depth fan sites or a kind face in the game, chances are you will have a hard time staying motivated to continue in the game.

It's Worth It

Don't mistake what you just read and think that the game isn't worth playing. The different regions, areas, worlds and people you will encounter on your journey through Final Fantasy XI are well worth the learning curve. You will explore many dungeons, caves and monsters as well as have plenty of opportunities to get together with a group of adventurers from around the world to kick some monster butt, and level your preferred job to new heights.

Things to Know

In order to get past level 12 and have some money in the bank for new armor at this point, you'll have to accomplish a couple of objectives. First of all, learn that when you kill monsters, they drop things. Rabbit skin and tails may not sound very lucrative, but it adds up and is very easy to get from the beginning. Crystals are something else you'll want to stack up and sell on the auction house of Final Fantasy XI, as the money here can be pretty good. In order to stack the most crystals possible, visit a "T.K" npc (non player character) before leaving your Country's walls for battle, and ask them to cast Signet on you. Saving the money you make off of this stuff until you're level 12 will behoove you, as you will need to purchase all new armor at this time.

Talk to the other players around you out there while you're adventuring and leveling up! Linkshells are the most popular means of communication in the game, and people who have them to give will offer you a link pearl. Equipping the pearl will allow you continuous access to a list of other players in the world who are also a part of the Linkshell.

You'll get to know players of all levels, which is important because when you need help to complete missions, the higher levels in your linkshell will more than likely be inclined to assist. It's a valuable resource you won't want to miss out on, and a great way to get "newbie" questions answered.

Finally, know how to find a party when the time comes. Without joining a party of live players to level with, you won't get passed level 12. Level 12-13 requires you to venture even further into the area of Valkurm Dunes, the place for low leveling. You'll be there for about 6 levels and you'll require the help of others the entire time you're there. This is also where you'll get the help from your party to complete the mission needed to have access to advanced jobs and options.

To find a party, you'll simply use your menu and select "seek party". This allows anyone in the Final Fantasy XI world that's looking to invite party members find you. If you're not sure where Valkurm Dunes is, just go to your starting country and seek a party. They'll help you find the way! By the time you finish your adventures in the Valkurm Dunes, you'll be level 20 and ready to travel even further into the game. By following the suggestions here, you'll definitely have the resources to know that you can accomplish anything in the game of Final Fantasy XI.