A Game Review Of Everquest 2

Everquest 2 is a Sony-owned multiple-player online game, but at first glance of the website, the overload of information and the graphic-heavy interface can be daunting. A new player wanting a quick glance to see whether Everquest 2 is a game they'd want to invest in and play might be put off from the intense, colourful home page. Here's a review of Everquest 2 that can help you quickly decide whether the role-playing game is one you'd like to try.

Some Pros And Cons

First of all, Everquest 2 is a game that's widely played. The game started off popular and has remained that way through the test of time and technology. A good player base means that you'll have plenty of exciting interaction. But that's not all you need when you're looking for a perfect game to hook your interest and keep it. A downfall of Everquest 2 is that while you may have plenty of characters to interact with, battle and combat are never player to player, which could make the game eventually seem stale and predictable.

One of the up sides of Everquest 2 is that it's rich in graphics (once you get past the bombardment of the home page and start actually playing the game) which makes the role-playing far more gratifying than other, cheaper-looking online games out there. A drawback to great graphics is that it's a resource hog and may end up sapping your computer system and slowing down performance.

Another plus is the generous content involved in the game. You'll be able to spend hours exploring and that alone can maintain your interest for a long, long time. There are many quests for your characters, and characters themselves come from a grand array of races and classes, which only add to the general interest of Everquest 2. However, the lack of player-to-player battle makes Everquest 2 better for short bursts of a few hours of gaming as opposed to a prolonged marathon of fun.

The Everquest 2 settings offer two worlds, both which are quite diverse and different from each other. Some online games out there tend to offer different settings to explore, but once you get down to it, the cities and landscapes are much the same and only the quests or available battles might be different. Not so with Everquest 2, and you'll find there's plenty to attract you to both worlds.

In general, Everquest 2 is a popular choice for online gaming and is usually satisfying enough on the interest and exploration levels. Learning your way around the game will take you about an hour, so there's no extensive training required, as may be the case with other games. The game does come with a pay-by-month fee, but there is a free option available, if you don't mind some restrictions or limitations.