About Dungeons And Dragons Online

Dungeons and Dragons is a name that's recognized easily by most people. The game's concept was created in the 1970's, based on a board game involving small figurines which players had to role-play reactions and consequences. The tabletop game has remained a classic and endured through the years, adapting and changing to technology to the point that you can play Dungeons and Dragons online in a virtual world. There are hundreds of spin-offs of the concept.

Role-playing can be an amusing way of playing out persona and characters we couldn't normally be in real life, and people have found to enjoy pretending to be someone else for a while. While the tabletop structure is still popular, it usually involves getting a group of people together for a gaming session. More and more people are turning to playing Dungeons and Dragons online for the quick and easy escapism and entertainment it provides.

Where Can I Find More Information?

A great place to get some information on playing the game is the Dungeons and Dragons Online website. The site is meant to be a virtual resource, as the fantastical game does have a rather thick set of rules and regulations on character creation. There is a store where you can buy the manuals and core books that teach you the game mechanics or you can use the free Quick Start guide and Compendium sections to learn how to create a Dungeons and Dragons online persona without waiting.

The Dungeons and Dragons Online website provides guidelines that help you flesh out a character concept and get you ready to find a game and start playing. While you won't be able to play Dungeons and Dragons online directly on the site, there are links and forums listing where you can find the game. Otherwise, doing some quick searches on the internet for Dungeons and Dragons online role-playing games can find you links to great sites where games are always being played.

If you find that playing Dungeons and Dragons online isn't for you, but you do like the idea of role-playing, there are plenty of options. Look around for tabletop groups in your area - people in the role-playing community are usually very friendly and open to new players. There are also games called LARPs, an acronym for 'live-action role playing' in which you literally pretend to be someone else.

If you just find that playing elves and dwarves in a Dungeons and Dragons online game isn't really your thing, there are all sorts of other niches in role-playing games, such as vampire or werewolf characters, modern-day or science fiction settings and apocalypse or everyday life styles of games. There's literally something for everyone, you just have to find what you enjoy most!