Suffering From Classic Video Game Nostalgia?

In this new world of 3D video games, many people who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s find themselves feeling nostalgic. They miss the days when video games were just as simple as Mario and Luigi running across a screen, or Pac Man gobbling up little coins in a maze. Those people yearning for the glorious past of vintage video games can relive it again via various online video games.

The End of an Era

The 1980s saw the rise and fall in popularity of the video game system known as Atari, and the 1990s saw the same trend via various Nintendo game systems. Video game setups such as Playstation have fared better throughout the years, but with more and more people buying computers, it is only inevitable that online video games would become popular too.

Online Video Games: Something for Everyone

Perhaps the most enticing thing about online video games is that there are so many different types. Whether one is more into classic arcade games such as Pac Man, or more into Nintendo games like Super Mario Brothers, one is sure to find an online video game that one would enjoy playing.

For those that still crave the rush that can be gotten from playing classic arcade games, a fun online video game is that of Breakout Classic. This game derives from the Atari game of the same name.

Breakout first became popular in 1976, and involves playing ping pong (much like another classic arcade game by the name of Pong) against a brick wall. The object of the game is to break as many bricks as possible to increase one's score. If the ball drops off the screen, that is the equivalent of losing a life, and one can play until all the lives have been used up.

A great online video game for Nintendo fans is one called Mario is Missing. In this game, Mario has been kidnapped by his arch nemesis Bowser, and the goal of the game is to get Mario back and defeat Bowser permanently.

Online video games are not just restricted to ones based on traditional video games. There are also ones that are based on board games like Connect 4 or Monopoly. However, regardless of the type, online video games can be found throughout the internet, and are oftentimes free. Thus, if one wishes to capture a bit of video game nostalgia, online video games are a fun and affordable option.