Adding A Unique Twist - Seattle Online Dating Site: LemonDate

As time goes by and online dating becomes more popular, many of the online dating sites are becoming more attentive to matching the specific needs and wants of their clientele. One example of this is the Seattle online dating company, LemonDate - a unique online dating site specifically designed for users wanting to find out a little bit more about their potential online partner before dating them in real life.

The Difference In Using LemonDate

Seattle online dating site LemonDate uses the theory that the buyer should be able to check into the history of the product so that they have some idea of what they are getting - much like the process that goes into buying a used car. LemonDate is therefore set up to allow users to discover and explore more detailed information on potential daters by displaying the feedback from each date the member has been on. This information ranges from first impressions through "paying the check." The site also allows members to check their own dating profile to see how their own dating credibility compares to other users.

More Info = Better Hit Rate

LemonDate goes deeply into an analysis of each online dater by asking members a multitude of real life questions after each date - many of which are similar to questions asked by friends and family in real life. This sort of information not only allows users to get a true view of their potential matches, but creates a hysterical read for users to peruse daily. The Seattle online dating site also gives members a better chance of meeting a potential real life partner, as it paints a clear, realistic and honest picture of users as opposed to the normal online profiles that tell very little about a person's true personality.

History Of LemonDate

The Seattle online dating site LemonDate is the brainchild of a Seattle-based technology group. It was implemented through research that was completed by the Seattle online dating site's founders when they realized that many online dating sites lacked the appropriate information required by members to assist them in making the best selection of potential dates. With many online sites, getting value for the money spent was a rarity since many rates are based on a per match cost. To find out more about this Seattle online dating site, visit Here you'll be able to collect all of the information you need to know about the company, including the cost for joining. While you are searching, get ready to have a good belly-laugh!