Identifying Online Dating Scams

By logging on to the Internet, through an Internet service provider, the online browser can virtually have unlimited access to any known subject. This process is accessible all at the click of a computer mouse. Through the Internet, breaking news can be viewed, cutting edge answers to medical problems can be shared, knowledge can be gained by accessing libraries thousands of miles away, etc. The Internet is a very positive tool that has been successfully used by a countless number of people.

On the other hand, like anything else, the Internet can have a very negative and dark side. For example, individuals with a discordant viewpoint can post their dark ideologies onto various web pages. In addition, various perversions and offensive information can be accessed.

Also, there are those unscrupulous individuals who endeavor to take advantage of others through the Internet. Often these individuals engage in deceptive practices that are meant to deceive and take advantage of others. These types of practices are simply called scams. One such deception is called an online dating scam.

Definition Of Scam

Online dating scams are those deceptions that can be created by either a male or a female. These particular individuals create a personal profile on various online dating sites. Or they may simply choose to enter a chat room and began a dialogue with unsuspecting individuals.

Because many non-cost online dating sites do not require a screening process for their members, there are no limitations for an individual to gain access. Once these unscrupulous individuals have gained entry they begin to weave their web of deceit.

The online dating scam is based on lies and is crafted to appeal to those individuals who may be lonely and vulnerable. Often the person who is driving the online dating scam will make a number of hollow promises and deceptively tell the individual what they want to hear.

Once the trap has been set the online dating scam will be culminated as the individual who is telling the lies will ask for money or other vital financial information. If that money is wired or that financial information is divulged then the scam will be deemed as successful. Often these online dating scams originate in other countries making prosecution and recovery of lost property almost impossible.

Signs Of An Online Dating Scam

One of the first tip offs that signals an online dating scam is in process is the request for money. It is important to remember that the scammer will endeavor to build the relationship and foster trust. Therefore, the request for money will not be immediate, but if a scam, will eventually occur.

The false reasons for requesting money can run the gamut. Some of these reasons can include playing on a person's emotions by indicating that there is a sick member of the family or just simply requesting the financial resources in order to meet with the individual.

Another sign that the relationship being developed is deceptive is that the individual being conversed with sounds too good to be true. It is important for the user of an online dating service to maintain their perspective and not be blinded or swayed by flattery or by loneliness.

Another key indicator of an online dating scam is that the responses from the scammer are nonspecific. This is due to the fact that the person who is running the deception responds in generalities because they are speaking to hundreds of other individuals.