Online Dating Safety Tips

The Internet, in the hands of a sensible and responsible person is a powerful technological tool that provides many benefits. Some of these benefits include the managing of your personal finances, the conducting of research, attending school, learning new hobbies, meeting others, etc.

However, the Internet in the hands of a base individual can produce devastating and adverse consequences on others as well as themselves. This can be especially true when these unseemly individuals depict themselves as something that they are not. Therefore, when communicating with others, through the internet, it is very important that the internet user keep in mind certain safety measures.

Abiding by these safety measures is especially important when it comes to using the Internet as a tool when developing a personal relationship with others. Therefore, it is important to summarize online dating safety measures.

Understanding Online Dating

When discussing online dating safety measures it is important to understand the basic concepts of using the Internet to build relationships. Unlike traditional dating, when individuals are able to meet each other face-to-face, online dating is dependent upon words that are being shared through e-mails or via chat rooms. Online dating can also be facilitated by utilizing an online dating service.


The basic rule of maintaining an online dating safety perspective is that things aren't always what they seem. The individual you are conversing with may be a minor or may be a 55 year old individual who claims to be a 25 year old.

Therefore, because there is no visual component to the communication, the words that are being expressed can be either true, half-truths or complete lies. Obviously if an individual is not being truthful then they are misrepresenting themselves. Even if a photograph is provided, there are no guarantees that this is an up-to-date photo.

Often these misrepresentations occur surrounding the physical appearance of those that are conversing with each other. These physical attributes could be an individual's weight, age, and height. In addition, embellishments can occur regarding an individual's occupation, their travel experiences, accomplishments, etc. All of these fabrications are designed to impress the other individual.

Also, if an online dating service is utilized to facilitate an online dating experience, there are no guarantees. When a person responds to questionnaires as truthfully as possible, there may be added into the mix their own perception of appropriateness.

Contact Information

Another online dating safety tip that should be followed is that you should never share any contact information. This contact information can be defined as your full name, place of employment, personal address and telephone numbers.

If conversing with an individual through e-mail it is best not to use your own personal e-mail address. An e-mail address, specifically for online dating, can be set up through various web sites. This separate e-mail address will maintain your anonymity.

Slow And Steady

Another online dating safety tip is to proceed with the online relationship in an unhurried fashion. As with all relationships, it is important to proceed slowly. Therefore, allow the online relationship to unfold.

This will provide you the opportunity to get to know the individual as well as insuring that there is a consistency of information that is being shared. For example, in one e-mail the individual that you are conversing with may state that he or she is an accountant. Quite possibly, a month later, they may make reference to being in a different occupation. Obviously, this is a major red flag.