Tagline Your Online Dating Profile

Online dating is one of the world's most popular means of courting today, with more and more people joining every day. This popularity may have increased your options of finding Mr. or Mrs. Right online, however it has also made it more challenging in being able to stand out in the crowd without appearing weird, geeky, or creepy. However, one way to create a more personalized image of yourself to attract your soul mate is to add a tagline to your online dating profile.

Taglines - What Are They?

Taglines are an additional phrase that some online-dating sites allow you to add to your screen name. Taglines have the benefit of creating a more personalized and detailed impression of you to other users at first glance. Some sites, such as, will allow users to have a long screen name and long tagline, while others will limit users to only very brief screen names. All sites vary, so it's best to shop around before deciding to register with a particular site.

Less Is More

Taglines may give other users a more detailed first impression of you, although they may also become confusing if too much information is added. Online dating profiles need to be direct, sincere and concise in a few selective words. Like anything from television commercials to junk mail, if too much reading may cause people to simply skim over it - and you. The best option is to have a brief screen name, followed by a one-liner as your tagline to capture the attention of other online daters.

Choosing a Tagline

Taglines are not easy to come up with as there are so many interesting, descriptive and original online dating profiles out there already. The most effective way to pick the best tagline is to think about what kind of person you are trying to reach. The aim of your online dating profile to attract a particular type of person, not every person! Therefore, your tagline should reflect something about you that you may want other people to see - not necessarily the way you look, but what matters most to you.

Tagline Problems

One of the most important points to consider when deciding on a tagline is how it will make others see you. What makes sense to you may not be taken the same way by another! Say, for example, you consider yourself have an easy-going personality, so you decide on a tagline such as: "I consider myself easy to get along with". This, depending on the space on the screen for your tagline, may come out as: "I consider myself easy" - unless of course the reader clicks on it and sees the whole phrase! Therefore, a tagline such as "easy-going personality" may be better suited and easier to understand. If in doubt, simply log on and view other online dating profiles to see what other users have come up with and draw some inspiration from them.