Universal Nutrition: Products To Pump You Up

Universal Nutrition is a supplier of supplements and products useful to body builders. While Universal Nutrition is only one brand of nutrition company, it produces several products geared directly toward body builders. These include protein bars, powders, and supplements. Read further for more information on Universal Nutrition and on ways to ensure that it is the right nutritional support for you.

Protein Bars

Universal Nutrition creates a variety of high protein, sugar-free bars in their Protria line. The bars include flavors such as Frosted Cinnamon Bun, S'mores, and Fudgy Brownie. In addition, the company provides the Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bar brand, including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, mint chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate with almonds, lemon meringue, toasted coconut and many more flavors. These bars are great as one of the frequent meals that should be taken when following a stringent body building workout plan.


Sports supplements provided by Universal Nutrition include amino acid products, creatine and cell volumizers, nitric oxide supplements, recovery products, strength and performance supplements, as well as vitamins and minerals. These products are meant to fuel the muscles, increase muscle mass, gain motivation, and sustain energy.


In addition to protein bars and supplements, Universal Nutrition provides a variety of powders to help with the body building process. These include protein powders, meal replacement powders, weight gainers, and other powders such as Hard Fast, Storm, Lava and other powders meant to feed the body.

Diet And Energy

Universal Nutrition also offers a diet product known as Ripped Fast, which is used to burn fat and eliminate excess water. In addition, there is an Energy Pak which includes ginseng and keeps energy pumping.

But Are They Safe?

There are concerns surrounding the safety of body building supplements, powders and bars. The main concern is that these supplements are not required to meet FDA standards. In addition, they are not required to meet drug safety standards. There are several things that you will want to do to investigate. Make sure before purchasing that the produced is not banned, specifically by sports organizations such as the NFL. In addition, you will want to research any scientific studies that have been produced concerning the safety of the supplement. Finally, if you choose to purchase and use a body building supplement, whether it is a Universal Nutrition supplement or another brand, use the recommended dosage and no more.