Understanding Nutrition And Its Importance In Promoting Good Physical And Mental Health

Many studies have thrown light on the importance of nutrition in moderating our health today. This is why it is quite important understanding nutrition for applying its full potential in our day-to-day life. Fortunately, people today are taking notice and making changes in their lives to include proper nutrition and exercise for a healthier life.

Understanding nutrition is crucial if you want to possess a healthy body and mind. Nature has everything one needs to promote growth, immune system, mental alertness, physical strength and so on. A balanced diet, i.e. a diet which includes all the nutrients required by the body, is difficult to maintain without a basic understanding of nutrition.

So, What Does Understanding Nutrition Involve?

Whatever you eat has an impact on your body. A normal meal would contain carbohydrates, fat, protein and water. Each one of these, depending on how they are consumed and in what quantity they are consumed, influence the way our body feels, works, reacts and ages.

1. Carbohydrates - this is the fuel of the body. The liver and the muscles of the body need sufficient intake of carbohydrates in order to maintain good health. There are two major types of carbs, (i) simple, which are usually sweet (eg. fructose, sucrose, glucose, etc) and (ii) complex, which are starch based (eg. corn, brown rice, wheat, etc).

2. Fat - this is your body insulator and protector. Fat, taken in the required amount, moderates the metabolism and protects vital organs. The two major fats are (i) cholesterol and (ii) triglycerides. You can get cholesterol from seafood, eggs, dairy products and meat. The triglycerides - saturated, poly-saturated and mono-saturated fats - control the body weight and heart function.

3. Protein - this is one of the complex food compounds consisting of essential and non-essential amino-acids. The protein is crucial for growth and tissue repair of the body. The non-essential amino-acids are manufactured by the body itself while the essential amino-acids would have to be introduced into the body by consuming the right foods.

4. Water - the body need at least eight glasses of water every day. The right amount of water helps the body expel toxins, fight dehydration, prevent heat stroke, moderate body temperature, digestion and so many other functions. Humans can stay without food upto three weeks; however, they will die without water within 48 hours.

Hence, understanding nutrition will help in controlling and maintaining your health. Those who manage to work out and follow a balanced diet daily, would enjoy a healthy and long life.