Perspective in Nutrition: Changes in Biochemical, Immunological and Molecular Biology

Nutrition science has seen many changes and has in fact been transformed with regard to its objectives as well as approaches due to the influence of understanding the epidemiology of oral diseases in most advance Western countries and also in developing countries that have differing environmental circumstances.

The understanding of health dimensions has added a new perspective in nutrition thanks to findings that have been made in biochemical, immunological and molecular biology investigations into oral tissues. One expects that a major challenge that lies ahead in gaining more perspective in nutrition is to recognize the role of nutrition on oral tissues, which does not really differ from other tissue and organ systems.

In addition, the new perspective in nutrition should reach the general public in a prudent as well as effective manner to ensure that consumes take advantage of such new perspectives in nutrition in addition to oral health concepts in maintaining good health and also prevent oral diseases at the same time.

Some Distance Away

It is well known that nutrition communities are still some distance away from totally understanding how to combine science with effective policies and to make the contribution of nutrition science more conducive to better understanding of nutrition and provides them with a new perspective on nutrition. However, the success of such studies has been limited because of the small proportion of professionals who are using this theory to further their knowledge about nutrition.

At the 24th Administrative Committee Coordination/subcommittee on nutrition Session held in Oslo, Norway on March 30 to April 2, 1998 that was hosted by the Government of Norway the main subject discussed was the Gender perspective on nutrition through the life cycle and this topic started out by recognizing that one needs to accelerate action as well tackle malnutrition throughout the lifecycle to ensure that the population of the world gets adequate food, health as well as care.

This symposium understood that any perspective in nutrition should recognize that good nutrition during pregnancy minimizes the likelihood of low birth weight in the young infant and in turn, leads to better nourished school-aged children who may thus participate more fully in their educational process.

Also, adolescence nutrition for girls in particular is vital for their growth, development as well as well-being and in time also for their children. The goal of gaining a better perspective in nutrition should be to eradicate hunger within a short span of time as well as the need for a more enabling environment for development.