Water Plays a Pivotal Role in Optimum Nutrition

Any time you contemplate trying a new diet, joining Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig or just researching health and nutrition online; water will always be mentioned. Nearly every website and book will agree on how each and every one of us needs to drink at least six to eight glasses of water every day in order to aim for an optimally nutritious diet.

The sad truth is that a vast majority of us do not even consume half the required amount. Water is an integral part of optimum nutrition; it is great for our digestive system as it doesn't let us get constipated. Water is great for our kidneys as it flushes out toxins. Water is great for our skin as it keeps it looking and feeling hydrated. Water is great for weight loss as it fills you up on zero calories. Here are some easy ways to sneak in the recommended amount of water for optimum nutrition.

Fill 'Er Up

Fill up a large 64 ounce bottle with water in the morning and make it your gaol to finish it by the time you retire to bed. This saves you from counting the number of glasses you drank in a day and wondering if you made the eight glass mark or not.

Before Meals

Make it a point that before any meal or snack, you have to gulp down a tall glass of water whether you are thirsty or not. This is a double edged weapon for optimum nutrition because not only does it help you achieve your water target, it also makes you eat less.


If having so much water is hard for you, add a little flavor to zip things up. However, remember a little flavor like low calorie Crystal Light or Sugar Free Lemonade crystals should do it. It should not become a sugary drink, just a few crystals to add some life to the water so that you have no excuse not to drink it up.

H2O on the Go

Carry a water bottle with you when you are out as often while waiting at a red light or in a doctor's office waiting room, just having a bottle of water will remind you to have a few big sips if nothing more. Whenever you pass a water fountain at the mall or at the park, stop for a few seconds - remember every sip counts.

Don't cheat with your water count with the number of cups of coffee, tea or cola you drink. Yes, they do include water but they do not count towards your optimum nutrition goal of eight glasses of pure (or closest to it) water.