Is a Prenatal Vitamin Adequate Nutrition?

As soon as you find out you are pregnant, and in some cases even before conception, the first thing women do is start taking a prenatal vitamin for extra nutrition for their unborn child. That is an excellent decision and one not to be taken lightly. However, it is not the end of the vitamins and nutrition debate. Just by popping one pill, you can not say good-bye to all your health and nutrition concerns.

A prenatal vitamin can be part of a nutritious diet but it can not replace healthy choices from all the food groups. Just one pill a day does not mean you can binge on cookies and fatty foods because you've done you've taken care of nutrition with a vitamin. You may need other vitamins too which may not be in enough quantity in the prenatal vitamin you have. Ask your doctor if you need calcium supplements like Viactiv if you are not a big milk drinker.

You can not continue smoking, drinking or taking recreational drugs under the misconception that the prenatal vitamin will provide nutrition to the baby. You need to make sensible lifestyle choices now that you are responsible for more than just yourself. The life and health of an innocent baby depends on your habits, and though you can not prevent every bad thing that may happen, there are several things that you can do to help your child.

Prevention Not Cure

A prenatal vitamin is prevention not a cure so do not expect that it will reverse any medical conditions or complications. Rather if you have any preexisting conditions, talk to your doctor. She may recommend a different type or dosage of the vitamin to ensure adequate nutrition.


A prenatal vitamin may be part of a nutritious diet but it can not replace moderate and regular exercise. It has been decades since doctors changed their views and now actually recommend pregnant women to indulge in exercise throughout the pregnancy. It has proven to help in labor and delivery, post partum depression and the health of the baby.

So, by all means take your prenatal vitamin every day. Make sure it has the recommended amount of folic acid in case you are taking an over the counter variety. However, kick the bad habits, exercise and eat well balanced sensible meals and you'll stay on the right track.