Nutrition And Physical Degeneration And The Activator X

Weston A Price was a dentist, who while practicing dentistry realized that his patients were coming with too much tooth decay and peculiar growth patterns to justify as normal. Putting two and two together, he hit upon a theory that the modern man's diet is somehow responsible for the physical degeneration of the teeth and overall health of his patients.

Working on this theory he left his dentistry and proceeded in researching the connection between nutrition and physical degeneration in all earnest. He surmised that if the modern man is at fault and brings upon himself physical degeneration through wrong nutrition, then he could get sufficient proof for this theory from people who are not touched by the modern civilization, yet.

The Applications Of Nutrition And Physical Degeneration On Tribal And Indigenous Life

Price had studies intensively all types of primitive tribes and indigenous populations. His list covers Canada Indian tribes, Australian aborigines, African tribes (Masai), New Zeeland's Maoris, Southsea islanders, and the Amazonian and Peruvian Indians. All his findings have been recorded in his book called, Nutrition And Physical Degeneration.

The studies undertaken highlighted a startling fact. All these people who were not exposed to the modern man's diet were almost perfect in their physical condition. They had perfect teeth, good health and seldom needed major medical intervention. All these people, Price observed, lived in perfect symbiosis with Nature.

Their meals though different in mater, were alike in the fact that they were unadulterated by modern additions. These people ate meat, vegetables and wholegrain were all healthy. In other words, those who ate only natural foods were healthier and better looking than the modern Homo sapiens who made his meal almost artificial by adding and modifying its natural contents.

Hence, people who consumed meat and people who lived mostly on vegetables had one thing in common - they were eating natural, organic food. This food was sufficient to provide their body with everything they needed including immunity towards most diseases.

Another startling factor recorded in the nutrition and physical degeneration book was the existence of an exceptional catalyst, baptized by Dr Price as 'Activator X' which was a fat-soluble vitamin. According to him this element was the main reason for the high absorption of minerals and vitamins by the body systems of these primitive people. They were healthy and physically perfect because (i) they consumed unadulterated, unmodified organic food (sometimes even raw meat - particularly liver -) and (ii) they had the Activator X which came from their close interaction with nature.