Dos and Don'ts of Taking an Herbal Nutrition Supplement

Do make sure the herbal nutrition supplement is manufactured under strict GMP compliance which are the same standards used by pharmaceutical companies. This is very important because unfortunately herbal nutrition supplements are not regulated in the US and therefore are not answerable to strict Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines.

Do read up about the herbal nutrition supplement you are taking because even though they may be 'all natural' and '100 per cent safe', they may have some side effects which may be worse because you least expect them to occur.

Don't just shrug away herbal nutrition supplements as their rising in popularity must have some reason. Many people swear by their effectiveness and therefore don't just think they are all placebos with fancy names.

Do understand that an herbal nutrition supplement is prevention not a cure in almost all cases. Therefore, do not expect it to alleviate any medical conditions you have been having overnight.

Doctor's Consent

Do speak to your doctor before starting any regimen especially if you have any other ailments. If you are undergoing surgery or are taking a prescription, let the surgeon and pharmacist respectively know of the herbal nutrition supplements you are taking in case they may react adversely with some new mediation.

Do use an herbal nutrition supplement combined with an active lifestyle and sensible eating habits. Just popping a pill or two every day can not guarantee a clean bill of health automatically. If that were case, there would be a wonder drug every one would take and all the gyms and health clubs would close down forever.

Don't share your herbal nutrition supplement with friends or family members unless they have their doctor's consent. This is because the supplement that may work for you may not work for others and may rather react with something else they are taking

Don't fall for the marketing gimmicks of 'Lose 20 pounds in a week' or 'Look 10 years younger tomorrow' just because they are associated with herbal supplements. Con artists and exaggerated claim marketing work in every field and it is up to you to make an informed decision.

Do compare brands and prices both on and offline. You may see a wide difference in prices of the same herbal nutrition supplement of a store brand as opposed to a national one. Always compare the unit price per caplet or per ounce as sometimes you can get a better deal buying the larger bottle, but not always.