How Fad Diets are Not about Nutrition

Fad diets are just that, fads, things that come and go like boot cut jeans and leggings. If Atkins is on everyone's mind one day, its South Beach the other and The Zone the next. They may and some actually do work, but to what extent? If you want o lose weight quickly for a short term goal like fitting in your wedding dress or attending your high school reunion, then perhaps a crash diet can work. However, the moment you go back to eating carbs or whatever food group you were not indulging in, that's when the pounds start piling up again.

Long Term Benefits

And if you think about it, by completely deleting a major food group from your diet, how long do you really think you'll be able to go without caving in. That is why whenever weight loss is in question, proper nutrition outweighs diets because steps towards healthy nutrition last a long way, even through a generation or two if you inculcate healthy eating habits in your kids for instance. Diets last as long as fashions, they are soon on clearance racks.

A nutritious diet will mean moderate amounts of all the food groups combined with exercise and abandoning negative habits like smoking or drugs. A fad diet sans nutrition will imply eat all the meat you can and don't let a crumb of bread touch your mouth. Diets based on nutritionally sound advice will always strongly recommend exercise at least for a half hour a day three days a week. By consuming less calories and expending more, you can make your body use the stored fat for energy and hence help in shedding the pounds.

Sensible Alternatives

So if you are serious about getting in shape, a sensible nutritious diet is the way to go and any doctor will confirm that this is a safer albeit slower route than a fad diet. Make an appointment with your physician or dietician and discuss what food groups are your weaknesses and how you can find sensible alternatives. If you crave carbs on a daily basis like most people d and feel your meal is incomplete with a piece of bread or pasta, then switch to whole grain versions of the same. Whole grain is not just brown-colored bread. Red the label to make sure the first ingredient says 100 per cent whole grain wheat flour. The same rule applies to pasta and other carb products.