Contemporary Nutrition: Modern Day Food Intake And Their Benefits

Unlike previous times, foods these days are pretty much common among everyone. People used to cook at homes, and most of the times the same food would taste differently in different houses. But these days, the food comes from cans and packets, and most of the times, no matter which part of the country you may go, the food might taste exactly the same; for they all come from the same source.

Many individual these days eat foods that they think is suitable for them, rather than eating what food is actually needed for their age and gender in general. This eventually leads to various problems as they grow older, for the body would accumulate the lack of the specific nutrients, and at one point burst the need of it by retaliating against your own will of freely eating anything you want. Contemporary nutrition has indeed changed a lot in the turn of times.


Some people, on the other hand, are limited of their nutrition intake due to foods they eat by reasons of health, morality, and many other factors. These people are simply known as vegetarian and they consume a contemporary nutrition intake indeed. They basically choose to forgo foods from animal sources such as meat, eggs, milk and so on.

This can be very good at one perspective, but not in another. From one angle, this is good because the contemporary nutrition does not have bad nutrients such as fat and is very low in calories, rich in fiber, carbohydrates and antioxidants. On the other hand, this food contains nothing much in protein and other important nutrients like calcium and magnesium, which is essential in good growth.

Genetically Modified Food

This is another evolution in contemporary nutrition these days, where natural foods such as vegetables and meat are not actually natural in reality. They are genetically produced or manufactured, also known as Genetically Modified or GM foods. This industrial farming and mass production of foods had indeed led to many controversies in the common dietary practice these days that people have shifted from the tradition food pyramid to their own individual ones.

This is one of the main reasons as to why people are slowly moving to vegetarian foods and other alternative contemporary nutrition types, especially those of organic sources and what they call 'self-planted' or 'self-raised'. Also not to forget is the recent habit of taking supplements instead of the main food itself, in belief that the supplement is in fact better than the genetically produced food.