The Best Natural Baby Care For Your Newborn

With more and more new technology we have forgotten that sometimes the old way of doing things is the best or that the older techniques were natural. Natural baby care is the best way to raise your child because this is a way that uses few chemicals and relies on what comes instinctively to you. Using as little chemicals in your home and on your baby is one way to start natural baby care.

Bath Time

Bath time can be a very relaxing time for you to spend time with your new baby. Be careful about the natural baby care products that you use. While a product might claim to be all natural you need to read the small print carefully. Check that the ingredients used are all actually natural and there are no hidden chemicals.

Things like baby shampoo are not really necessary and you can use just plain water and whatever soap you use at bath time to keep hair clean. While you can give your child a bath in a sink, or bucket, choosing the right bath tub meant for infants will help make bath time more enjoyable.

After bath think about using massage to help your infant slip into a gentle sleep. Read a little about infant massage and how you should go about it. You need to apply very little pressure but it will benefit both child and parents. You will get more sleep along with your baby. Use natural baby care oils, natural vegetable oils that are not harmful to a newborns' skin.


Natural baby care includes using only natural clothing. Cotton is one of the most breathable and comfortable materials for newborns. Use cotton natural baby care clothes for your newborn. Avoid synthetic materials that can be uncomfortable and can cause allergies.

Bedding And Carrying

Extend this policy of using natural fibers to bedding. Most babies bedding is made from natural materials but you need to be careful and just double check before buying something. A sling is another essential natural baby care item. It allows you to carry baby close to your body and leaves your hands free.

Nice thick blankets are essential. You will need quite a few of these in case of accidents. Baby blankets need to be laundered often so keep this in mind when buying bedding. In fact all infant clothes and items need to be regularly cleaned so you need to have many of the same items.