Giving Baby Shower Gifts Feels Wonderful

Baby showers are an American tradition and the practice began in the nineteenth century. The first baby showers took the form of afternoon tea parties. All the relatives and female friends of a new mother would visit her and present baby shower gifts shortly after the birth. The first baby showers were not held during the pregnancy because back then it was considered unseemly for pregnant women to appear in public. In those days traditional baby shower gifts were generally handmade except for those given by the grandparents, which were silver.

Modern day baby showers generally take place before the baby is born. Baby shower gifts no longer have to be handmade, which is a relief since most women are now juggling careers and families and do not have much spare time for creative pursuits. One thing has remained constant since the practice began in the 19th century. Baby showers have always been about more than presenting the mother and baby with gifts. They are about sharing in the joy of the new mother and offering guidance, support and female solidarity. The gifts simply help build a sense of excitement about welcoming a new person into the world.

What To Give

There are an infinite number of different baby shower gifts available for purchase on the market. You can purchase baby shower gifts at department stores or online. Customary gifts include items such as plush toys, blankets, clothes, accessories, bath and body products, diaper cases, pillows and bedding. If you would like to give something a little out of the ordinary you might wish to consider buying a beautifully decorated baby gift basket.

Regardless of what kind of baby shower gift you decide to give, never choose anything that you would not buy for your own child. Make sure your gift is completely safe and of a suitable standard. That doesn't mean you have to break the bank in order to purchase a suitable gift, just be careful about what you choose and ask yourself if it is something that you would be happy to receive.

When choosing a baby shower gift it is also important to make sure it is appropriate. If you are purchasing clothes it is a good idea to choose neutral colors in larger sizes so that the baby can grow into them. If you do not know what sex the baby will be avoid gifts that are designed specifically with boys or girls in mind. Stick to gifts that babies of either gender can use.

Whatever you choose to give as a baby shower gift, you will definitely enjoy giving it. Baby shower gifts are exciting because they make the coming birth seem all the more real and help build a sense of anticipation in the expectant mother and all of the women in her life.