A Guide to Writing and Decorating a Baby Girl Announcement

The days following childbirth are quite strenuous so your best bet is to have a baby girl announcement ready prior to the birth of your daughter as long as you don't plan on printing one out with a picture on it. If you do plan on printing a birth announcement with a photo, at least have the template and writing ready.

You can use a quote or short poem to write a baby girl announcement. You could just write something generic such as, "A special blessing has arrived," and include the date of birth and measurements of the child. You can also find many samples of one liners and short poems online for your announcement.

Handmade Birth Announcements

There are many ways you can make your own baby girl announcement if you prefer a DIY approach or you are on a budget. There is no need to buy birth announcements. With the right materials, it's possible to make a beautiful birth announcement at home. For a basic birth announcement, you can find nice craft paper and simply fold it over to make a card. You can use a calligraphy pen to write your child's name.

Cute stickers or drawings if you are art-inclined can be an excellent addition to any handmade baby girl announcement. Look for baby-themed stickers such as stickers of baby clothes, bottles, and strollers, or look for stickers of angels, fairies, and other images appropriate for a baby girl announcement.

Birth Announcement Packages

Go to your local photo processing store or look online and you will find tons of cards and postcards for baby girl announcements. You can easily personalize many of the announcements and buy them in packs of 10 or more. You can even find birth announcements that have a more handmade look.

If you are not having a baby girl but a friend or family member is, consider helping them make their birth announcements before or after the birth of their baby as a kind gesture. Childbirth is a very exhausting event so your friend or loved one will need all the help she can get. Brainstorm different ideas of how you can create and design a beautiful baby girl announcement. Don't forget to ask the parents for their input.

In conclusion, birth announcements are an essential aspect of giving birth since they communicate to a mother's friends and family that a new being has been welcomed to this earth. Make your baby girl announcement special by getting creative and writing something eloquent.