Baby Boy Essentials

Congratulations! You are having a little bundle of joy! Being a new parent can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. If you are expecting a baby boy, hopefully the following tips and tricks will help you to care for your newborn baby boy.

Naming Your Son

If you have not yet decided on a name for your baby boy, it is, of course, not too late. There are several things you should think of when naming your little guy. First, remember that it is easier to be a little out there with a girl's name than with a boy's name. A baby boy name needs to be strong and masculine. You should make sure that the name will flow well with your last name and that there is no taunt that stands out in your mind for that name (like "fatsy patsy"). Once you find a masculine name that you like, you should be all set!

Diapering Your Son

Diapering a baby boy can be a lot more difficult than diapering a baby girl. When diapering your son, know that you will probably, in the beginning, wind up with pee all over the back of your son, the stomach of your son, and the legs of your baby boy. The key to getting the diaper on correctly and properly is to have the penis pointing down. If it is pointing up, then the pee will go straight up and out of the diaper, rendering the diaper pointless.

Caring For Your Son's Circumcision

If you chose to have your baby boy circumcised, there are several things that you should know for taking care of it. First, make sure that you do not take the bandage off. The doctor will remove it or it will fall off on its own. Second, make sure that you keep plenty of Vaseline on the wound, especially after the bandage falls off. This is important so that the wound does not stick to the diaper. If it does stick to the diaper, you can run warm water over it until the diaper comes off easily. Make sure that you follow any of your doctor's instructions for caring for the circumcision as well.

Having a baby boy is very special responsibility. Baby boys are exciting and fun and your life will never be the same! You are very blessed to have such a bundle of joy! Remember, if you have any questions at all contact your son's pediatrician.