Choosing Baby Boy Bedding

How exciting! You are going to have a baby boy! Right now you get to pick out tons of cute little baby things, from baby boy clothes to baby boy decorations to baby boy bedding. You will most likely get several baby boy gifts, but you might want to go ahead and purchase some things for yourself that are very important to you. Here are some tips for choosing your baby boy bedding.

Different Types Of Baby Boy Bedding

There are many different types of baby boy bedding that you could purchase for your son's nursery or crib. You can get a crib set in a bag that includes a sheet, a sheet ruffle, a bumper, a mobile, and a quilt. Or you can get each piece separately. Or you could also purchase a pattern and material and make the baby boy bedding yourself.

Different Designs

There are also countless different designs for your baby boy bedding. Most of the time the father of the baby will want some say in the bedding. If the father likes football, he will probably want the baby boy bedding to be football related. If he likes fishing or golf, he might want to have some bedding for your baby boy that incorporates those hobbies. Remember, just because you put your son in a baby boy bedding set that has footballs on it, that does not mean that you have to put him into football! Some parents get hung up on trying to choose a baby boy bedding set that does not put any pressures on their son to be anything in particular, but they lose sight of the fact that the child in the crib is but a tiny baby!

If you really feel strongly against the "boy" themed baby boy bedding like football, baseball, sports, or fishing or golf, there are plenty of neutral baby bedding sets out there. You could get a simple blue set, or a blue and brown set. There are zoo animals, jungle themes, Noah's ark themes, other religious themes, plain colors, or even something like frogs, birds, or any other animal.

Remember, the baby bedding that you choose is not extremely important. In fact, some babies do not even sleep in their crib! Some babies prefer to sleep with their parents. Remember, if you decide to practice co-sleeping with your infant there are safe ways to do it. Make sure that you find a checklist for safe co-sleeping and that you are following these guidelines clearly before you put the infant in the bed.