Sony Mp3 player: Stepping Up The Ante And Giving Apple A Run For Its Money

The Sony Mp3 player is a welcome product that has brought Sony back into the Mp3 player front, and for the past decade, has been rated as the leading brand in electronics, though it has had to play second fiddle to Apple as well as other competitors in the digital audio field. The Sony Walkman NW-A1200 is indeed a product that shows the seriousness of intent on the part of Sony to make a dent in Apple's clean white image.

Aesthetically Rich

A Sony Mp3 player such as the A1200 has features that are aesthetically rich, and it leaves a lasting impact on users and is the reason why it won the product design award. No doubt, one still must use the SonicStage software if one wants to transfer music to one's device, but that isn't a problem as one can get support for MP3 as well as WMA in addition to Sony ATRAC.

This Sony Mp3 player is able to work with Windows Explorer, in spite of the need to use SonicStage for copying files across. Other files can however, still be copied in the traditional fashion in case one requires temporary storage. Even though the A1200 is not feature laden, when it comes to manipulating music, it outscores its rivals and a dedicated 'Artist Link' button helps search out the current song playing from the music library for similar types of music, thus giving the listener a list of related artists to choose from, if one so desires.

Another important plus point of the Sony Mp3 player is the long lasting battery life which is supposed to give seventeen hours, and this may be further extended if one encodes files to low-bit ATRAC format. As with other Sony products, this Sony Mp3 player also outputs excellent sound quality, as is evident and noticeable at lower bit-rates. However, there are not many frills and it does not come with a movie player or picture viewer, and the screen is monochrome, though there is a feature that very few of its competitors can manage and that is that Sony knows the secret to 'Je ne sais quoi', which is not known to others in the Mp3 field, with the exception of Apple.

All in all, one cannot go wrong with this Sony Mp3 player and with exceptional looks; the A1200 makes one feel as well as look great when using it. And, it has taken Sony into the same league as Apple, and with greater capacity, better price, audio control as well as looks, seems to have stolen a march on its competitors, and in spite of its monochrome screen, it is still the best choice available.