Scandisk Mp3 Player: Stunning Looks - A Must Buy Gadget

The first impression of the Scandisk Mp3 player is that it is simply stunning even when viewed from every angle, having a piano black finish as well as a brushed aluminum back plate. Though the scroll wheel may not be as smooth as an ipod's click wheel, it does nevertheless feel good. The 1.8" screen on the front is simply too good-looking and vibrant, but the gadget is attractive to fingerprints, which does require a good bit of cleaning.

Clear And Crisp Interface

The Scandisk Mp3 player has a clear as well as crisp interface, and once turned on, allows one to select the language and straight away get ready to rock! Navigating the menus is simple, and music is categorized according to artist, genre, song name, album, and top rated song as also playlists and one may play all songs or just repeat the last track one has just been listening to.

One will be genuinely pleased with the awesome sound output and the EQ makes a difference and there is even custom EQ available, but there is no dedicated volume control. The radio works its wonders and audio reception is clear, and one may pick up as many as five to seven stations or more, depending on the city one is listening in. The recording is not that good and can best be described as average, and it only records in WAV, so one cannot directly record in Mp3.

The video format of the Scandisk MP3 player is not that impressive and it is able to play only antique MJPEG, so one may assume that this feature is just present to impress friends and not very useful otherwise. Nevertheless, the pictures are nice and certainly add to the overall functionality while supporting JPEG format.

One can easily make a decision to opt for a Scandisk Mp3 player, and pick it in preference to the iPod Nano, and with a bigger screen as well as FM availability, it has an advantage over the competition; while one is also able to change batteries once the rechargeable cycles get finished. There is thus no need to go to the service center for such a minor problem. The internal battery is also charged via a data cable that can be used to connect to a computer and, when fully charged, provides a respectable fifteen hours of battery life as compared with the twenty hours rated life. All in all, the Scandisk Mp3 player is a definite must-buy, and there is no room for second thoughts in this regard.