The Amazing Portable mp3 Player

A few years ago no one knew what an mp3 player was and let alone the ability to take one with you. When the portable mp3 player came out it allowed music lovers to download music and take it with them and we now see portable mp3 players on many ears during the day and around every corner, just a few commercials on television allows you to see the extent that we love music.

What is a portable mp3 player?

Mp3 is a name for music files that have are compressed and allow for ease in downloading music for personal use, while developed in 1991 the portability of the mp3 has only occurred in mass production over the last few years. Portable mp3 players have replaced many compact disk players and the almost obsolete portable tape players since they do not have the problems with skipping and the scratching that happens to compact disks.

Mp3 players have come a long way from the beginning with models that allow for viewing video and downloading files, while they are primarily used for music many cellular phone companies have begun incorporating mp3 players into their phones in order to tap in to the market of the portable mp3 player.

The 1980's began with boom boxes held on the shoulders and later with the portable tape deck, later compact disk players took off now with the portable mp3 player we as a society show our interest in music and with the variety of models available we can also show off our style and interests.

Portability is no longer for the individual wanting to listen to music while exercising but to listen to while on the bus, train, plane or with the new portability of mp3 players attached to sunglasses and mp3 player stands as well as other products you can listen on motorcycles, in your car on your bed and to share with others.

Choosing a portable mp3 player is a personal choice and with the variety of designs and capacities available one must look to what they want as well as to the aesthetics of the design. While many choose the most popular model or most widely advertised the variety out there can not be ignored and should be reviewed prior to purchase. With the variety of sites available to review each product stats and the various attributes of each player allowing you to make a well informed decision.