For The Girly Girl - Pink MP3 Players

If you like Hello Kitty, pink, and happen to be a bit of a girly girl then you will undoubtedly want a pink MP3 player that goes with your fashion sense! Just about every major manufacturer of MP3 players has a pink version, along with all the colors of the rainbow. This article takes a look at several pink MP3 players that you might like.

Nanos and More - Expand Your Horizons In Pink

Of course, the king of the MP3 players is currently Apple with its line of iPods. From the iPod Shuffle to video iPods, this line is known for its sleek, elegant, and simple design. Although the standard iPod color is its famous white, iPods come in wide range of colors, including the occasional special versions (like the U2 iPod a while back).

The recently redesigned iPod shuffle is as cute as a button with its smaller shape, but it only comes in the white color. This problem can be resolved by purchasing a skin for your player like the PDO TopSkin, which will protect it and turn it a bright pink. PDO TopSkins are available in three-packs.

If you want something with more storage capacity, you can move up to an iPod Nano. Fortunately, this slim MP3 player comes in pink, no skins necessary, along with a turquoise blue and kiwi green in case you're into more unique colors. There's even a recent special red edition, which supports The Global Fund to Fight Aids.

Sony also has a unique pink MP3 players that you might like, specifically the NWE003PINK 1GB Walkman MP3 Player. The device is small and slender with a metallic pink finish, and it comes with an FM Tuner with up to 30 presets. It also has a nice OLED display and uses a rechargeable lithium battery with a battery life of up to 28 hours.

This MP3 player retails for anywhere between $88.99 up to $119.99 at some places (but let's not mention the unfortunate Walkman Bean). Its form factor is close to that of a first generation Nano, and as long as you don't mind use SonicStage software it can be a nice alternative if you need low storage capacity.

Another nice choice if you want video-playing capabilities in a small pink package, is the Creative Labs Zen V Plus 2GB (in pink of course). It comes with a 1.5-inch OLED screen for a vibrant display and receives high marks in most reviews. The lowest price listed for the Zen V Plus was $123.29, but expect to pay up to $26 at the average retail price.