Celebrate Good Times - What Music To Put On Your Phillips Mp3 Player

If you have an mp3 player—whether it is an Ipod, a Zune, a Creative Labs, or a Phillips mp3 player—you have the amazing opportunity to put all of your favorite songs one small device. Just think—you can pick and choose which songs you want to put on your Phillips mp3 player. But what songs should you choose? There is a wide variety of music in the world today, and it is difficult to pick your favorite type of music. Maybe you like rap or hip hop music. Or maybe, you prefer the soothing sound of country. Perhaps you are a rock and roller at heart. Whatever the case, if you are seeking a few suggestions about what music to put on your Phillips mp3 player, you have come to the right place.

I Love Rock And Roll

Rock is one of the most popular kinds of music and has been part of popular culture since the Beatles first came to America in the 1960s. Since then, famous rock groups have included The Rolling Stones, The Monkeys, Metallica, Pearl Jam, The Offspring, Nirvana, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Blink*182. Older rock bands have influenced the newer ones and their music has not become less popular with time. A few rock songs that would be great on your Phillips mp3 player are: "Evil Angel" by Breaking Benjamin, "If You Don't Mind" by The Offspring, and "Polly" by Nirvana. Although you could hear these songs on the radio, you will be able to hear them anytime you want if you download them on your Phillips mp3 player.

My Achey-Breaky Heart

Country music has snowballed from being popular among its southern roots to being popular everywhere else as well. From Faith Hill, to Rascal Flats, to Alan Jackson, country stars sing songs completely unique to their genre. A few country suggestions for your Phillips mp3 player are "Breathe" by Faith Hill, "How Do You Like Me Now?" by Alan Jackson, and "I Hope You Dance" by LeeAnn Womack. Any of these songs would be an incredible addition to your Phillips mp3 player.

And More!

Don't stop here—there are so many different genres of music that you could include on your Phillips mp3 player. From folk music, to jazz music, to blues, to hip hop, to R&B, a diverse collection of music on your Phillips mp3 player will show your appreciation for all kinds of wonderful music!