Dancing To The Music — All About Your Philips MP3 Player

With all the technology these days, it's hard to imagine that there was ever a time when there weren't any mp3 players. But just ten years ago, no one had ever heard of the huge variety of mp3 players that are available today. People would listen to the radio, jog to a walkman, or listen to a portable CD player. Some people would even go to concerts if they wanted to listen to some of their favorite music. These days, there is another form of music player that is incredibly popular, especially among the teenage population—the mp3 player. This may sound simple enough, but there are so many different kinds of mp3 players to choose from!

The many different brands provide a range of diverse features that serve a versatile group of people. One of the most popular brands of mp3 player is the Ipod, but others include: Creative Labs, Zune, and the Philips mp3 player. The Philips mp3 player, although it is not as well known as other brands, has many different models that the music lover will enjoy. To figure out which model of the Philips mp3 player is for you, you should compare the different models available. Once you compare the different models of the Philips mp3 player, you will be able to decide which one to buy for yourself—so read on and play that funky music!

Music Showdown — The HDD6330/17 Mp3 Player Verses The Go Gear Mp3 Player

Although both the HDD6330/17 mp3 player and the Go Gear mp3 player are a Philips mp3 player, they are very different in many ways. For example, while the HDD Philips mp3 player has 30 giga bites, the Go Gear Philips mp3 player has only 2 giga bites. Also, the former mp3 player has bass boost and a built in microphone, while the latter mp3 player has both of these features as well as internet support, upgradeable firmware, and visualization. The average playback time of the HDD mp3 player is 17 hours, and the average playback time of the Go Gear mp3 player is 14 hours. Both Philips mp3 player are compatible with a PC.

If you are still stuck in the age of CD players and walkmans, then it is time for an upgrade! Investigate getting your own Philips mp3 player today—the different models all have their own advantages and you will be able to choose the best one for you.