Microsoft mp3 player and the Future of Players

Microsoft entered the realm of mp3 players recently and challenged the reigning player provider Ipod and Microsoft's mp3 player has begun the change in the race to meet the need of these companies to dominate the mp3 player market. Microsoft has developed the Zune player and it was intended to revolutionize the mp3 player. With its larger screen and music transferability capability the Microsoft mp3 player Zune has the ability to take over the mp3 market.

Microsoft's bid to dominate

No matter what you think of Microsoft and its intent, one can not deny the fact that observation has allowed Microsoft to develop products and meet the needs of the community. Microsoft's bid to enter the mp3 market later than most is mostly due to its need to observe the needs and to make the best product available to the public. Microsoft mp3 players were developed to interface with each other and to allow the users to share their favorites and with the ease of operation of the Microsoft mp3 player it could easily dominate the market in the future.

Microsoft has definitely upped the ante for many of the players out there and while still learning from their mistakes as well as those of the competition, Microsoft has made a great company from developing programs and equipment that continues to advance with each evolution of its product. While still new in the mp3 market place Microsoft is a force to be reckoned with and will definitely be a player to watch in the future.

Microsoft mp3 players are going to be a driving force in the mp3 market since they are great for marketing new products and updating their product line to continue in the mp3 product market. While their attempt to challenge the leader of the market, Apple's Ipod, Microsoft is well on the way to meet this challenge with the Microsoft mp3 player Zune.

Microsoft's mp3 player Zune is only available from select online retailers and reviews are sparse for the player. Yet viewing the site for the Microsoft mp3 player you can compare the abilities of the Zune compared to other comparable mp3 players the biggest thing is the screen which is not comparable to any thing out there. Microsoft will definitely have to continue to step up and challenge the market with its mp3 player and looking at reviews Microsoft has a lot of updates in the pipeline to continue users to upgrade and download those new updates.