Is It Live Or Is It Memorex - MP3 Players That Is!

You might remember the old commercials for Memorex cassettes (or maybe not), but Memorex now produces MP3 players as well. Talk about an oversaturated market! It was difficult to find any actual reviews of the Memorex line of MP3 players, so they would seem to be something of a bargain brand at best.

Specs And So Forth!

One Memorex MP3 player is the Memorex MMP8500 Biomorph MP3 Player. Surprisingly, this was at least visually interesting...which is the best thing one can actually say about it. It seems to be an older model, that was originally priced somewhere between the low $60-range and $130 at the time.

This particular Memorex MP3 player model comes with only 128MB of memory and an FM tuner, but it now retails (if you can find it) for around $24. Although that is pretty cheap, the MMP8500 Biomorph has a lot of skipping issues and pretty much non-existent user support according to user reviews. If you're considering purchasing one as a future stocking stuffer, it's probably not a great idea in all honesty.

Back in the modern era, apparently Memorex did get around to creating a 1GB MP3 player, the creatively titled Memorex 1GB MP3 Player - 8565. It's available at for $79.99, although it's suggested that you visit other sites to find a better price. Aside from the storage capacity, it was nearly impossible to find specs for the device other than the fact that it also has a LCD display.

Why exactly anyone would want one of these is debatable, as there are a lot of far superior products out there. At any rate, Memorex also has a 512MB MP3 player called the Memorex Sport MP3 Player - 512MB. The author takes no responsibility for the lack of creative names by the way. It has a blue LCD display, 512MB of memory (obviously), and an FM Tuner.

Again, there weren't really any major specs. One assumes that since the Memorex MP3 players are stated to be "Compatible with Microsoft PlaysForSure" that they're at least probably MP3 and WMA compatible. Suffice it to say, you might want to read the back of the box very carefully if you pop in to your local Target store.

The Memorex Sport MP3 Player retails for $64.99 according to, the website rather helpfully states that they're available at stores only, which is probably for the best given the dearth of information available. If you buy one, good luck!