The Music Giant That Is The Ipod Mp3 Player

Just about anyone that is familiar with the music industry knows about the iPod mp3 player. It is the giant of the portable music device world and Apple, the iPod's creator, continually distributes new designs with improved specifications. There are three main types of iPod mp3 players that allow someone interested in purchasing one plenty of options. Each device has different features that fit the needs of both casual listeners of music and the most involved musical enthusiasts. Just as well, there are many products available to enhance one's experience with the Ipod, ranging from covers to pouches that strap to one's harm for optimal comfort when exercising.

Different Ipod Mp3 Players And Features

The most expensive iPod and the one that has some of the best features available is the regular iPod. By now, it costs around $250 but it comes with 30GB or 80GB. With that kind of memory, one is able to store full-length movies at a high quality along with thousands upon thousands of songs. This type of iPod mp3 player is essential for someone that is often traveling and needs something to pass the time say, while on a plane and the thought of sleep on a pillow as hard as a rock is not as tantalizing as it may seem. The screen is large (2.5 inches diagonal) and the clarity and resolution of the color screen is impressive. However, the screen can scratch easily so it would be wise to invest in a protective cover for the iPod. Covers come in a slew of different colors and designs, so the look of the device will not be compromised for safety.

The next type of iPod mp3 player is the iPod nano. It is smaller and thinner than the regular iPod (which may seem impossible, but it is true) and holds a considerably smaller amount of music. With three different options of storage at 2GB, 4GB, and 8 GB, this model of the Ipod is ideal for one who does not have much music to store or chooses not to store 20,000 songs. The nano player holds close to 2,000 songs and now comes in many sleek colors. Apple recently changed the design and make-up of the nano, most likely to increase profits by making people think they had to go out and buy a new nano because the old one was out-dated. It was definitely a shrewd move on Apple's part.

The third kind of iPod mp3 player that happens to be ideal for someone who is working out or does not want to take the time to find a new song to play, is the iPod shuffle. This is obviously the cheapest type of iPod mp3 player because it holds only 240 songs and is quite small without a screen. As said before, there are benefits to a shuffle, mainly because it is easy to carry around as it can clip onto one's pocket or belt. If one also happens to have more than 240 songs to carry, iTunes will automatically re-fill the shuffle with different songs each time.

There are benefits to each type of iPod mp3 player and one has to consider how much money one is willing to spend on this portable device and what purpose it will serve. There are also many accessories available that make the iPod experience even more enjoyable and possibly worthwhile. If one is looking to purchase a portable music device, the iPod mp3 player is the most popular and offers great options and add-ons.