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There are many MP3 players on the market today, including Insignia MP3 players from Best Buy (being the house brand). One model you might be interested in is the Insignia MP3 Player & Image Viewer. This rather awkwardly named MP3 player by Insignia comes in a 2GB version and a 4GB version.

How Does It Really Compare?

It bears a resemblance both to the Sandisk Sansa e200 line and iPod Nanos but it's a little clunky looking in comparison. Price-wise the Insignia MP3 Player & Image Viewer is in line with the Sansas, Creative Zens, and so forth at around $120 for the 2GB version. This Insignia MP3 player model has an expandable microSD slot that will allow you to add another 2GB to your Insignia MP3 player. This unit comes with a 2.2-inch color screen for displaying videos and photographs.

It also has a FM radio, with up to 20 presets. The Insignia MP3 Player & Image Viewer comes with a graphic equalizer that has five presets. Overall, it garnered good reviews but image quality may be less than ideal, so you might want to visit your favorite store to get a look at it in person. One plus is that the unit uses an easily removable rechargeable battery.

Another MP3 player by Insignia that you might want to check out is the Insignia Sport, which comes in a 1GB model or larger 2GB model. The features are limited, and it didn't receive great reviews (one said that photos looked pretty bad).

However, despite the lack of video playing, voice recording, and so forth, it may be useful during a workout. Still, the sound quality is decent, and the 2GB Insignia Sport retails for around $99 if you can find it. The 1GB version is only $79.

Given the choices out there, it might make more sense to pick up something like the Mobiblu Cube2 though. A third Insignia MP3 player to consider is the Insignia Amigo. It isn't anything special, but it's pretty cheap at least. The Insignia Amigo comes in 1GB and 2GB versions.

From a design standpoint, Insignia MP3 players are a bit uninspired. Unfortunately, there's not much of a wow factor to the devices. However, if you're looking for something affordable this is an option for you to consider. Just be sure to look up some reviews first!