Low Prices With The Ilo MP3 Player

It seems to be rather difficult to find ilo MP3 players online, although they may be available via Walmart. They were listed as out of stock on the website however and come in several colors, including red, pink, and orange. The ilo MP3 players come in several versions with different amounts of memory, including a 1GB version.

The ilo MP3 players are flash-based memory device, so you don't have to worry about problems with shaking, generally speaking. The 1GB ilo MP3 player will run you about $49.84 at full retail price and includes a slot for up to 1GB of SD memory. The battery life is about 18 hours, and it uses one AAA alkaline battery.

To Ilo Or Not To Ilo, That Is The Question

The ilo MP3 player also comes with FM radio, voice-recording capabilities, and it's definitely light-weight. As far as the cons go, you can probably find better MP3 players for the same price-point now, and according to the CNET forums, people have had a few problems with sorting difficulties. For details, go to and do a search in the forums section on ilo MP3 players.

It also seems to take a while to load tracks when the unit is turned on, up to 15 seconds according to one reviewer of the 256MB version. It's also not the most aesthetically pleasing MP3 player, but if you want something cheap you might try checking for some of these.

You get what you pay for, and one common complaint was about the included earbuds. A lot of people seemed to find them extremely uncomfortable and had to buy their own headphones or earbuds. Of course, the fact is that included earbuds usually are sub-par to anyone with a discerning ear.

No matter what, you're probably better off buying your own earbuds or headphones, regardless of which MP3 player you choose. Even given the low price, this may not be the ideal player for you, given the number of options out there. You might even be better off saving up for a slightly better unit.

Although the reviews on major websites seemed to be of the two-star variety, meaning it was pretty underwhelming, you still might want to consider an ilo MP3 player if you really need portable music for a low price. Just read all the reviews you can find first because, to be fair, there were some positive ones out there.