Choosing A Disney Mp3 Player For A Young Child

Let's assume that your child, he/she is between the ages of 6 and 10, wants an mp3 player for his/her birthday. Being the good parent you are, you drive to the nearest electronics store searching for an mp3 player that your daughter/son may want. Once you start looking at the mp3 players, you realize that there is no hope left in the world because each one is so expensive. It is an instance such as this that has allowed manufacturers to market mp3 players to the children of the world. That is why Disney has come out with an mp3 player geared for this age group.

Why Get A Disney Mp3 Player?

For one thing, a Disney mp3 player will be cheaper than the leading brands of portable music devices. These act as a starter for children who want to someday get a bigger mp3 player such as an Ipod or Creative. If a preteen wants to get an mp3 player, it would be wise to go this route because it will allow the child to see if he/she truly wants a bigger and better mp3 player down the road. Buying the Disney mp3 player (also called a Disney Mix Stick) can save many parents headaches from spending too much money.

The Disney mp3 player will also teach the child or preteen how to correctly work an mp3 player and upload music onto it. This music device allows one to upload music from one's computer or CDs by using a USB connection. Disney has also unveiled something called the Mix Clip memory cards. These act much like a CD (and cost about the same as one too) and are loaded with pre-recorded Disney music that can be uploaded onto the mp3 player.

The Disney mp3 player has a storage capacity of 128MB. That means that the Mix Stick device can hold about 60 songs. You can also additional memory, meaning that this mp3 player will hold around 500 songs.

If you are a parent looking to buy a portable music device for a child but do not want to spend an exorbitant amount of money, look no further than the Disney mp3 player. It holds more than enough music and will teach the child or preteen the correct way to upload music onto an mp3 player. It was smart of Disney to market a device like this to a smaller age group and it would be smart of you to buy this for your child if he/she wants an mp3 player.